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Eric is an engaging and insightful speaker on business and technology topics such including Data Management, Artificial Intelligence and the Microsoft 365 suite.

Having spoken at over 200 conferences in recent years, Eric’s unique ability to engage the audience and ensure meaningful and tangible information is taken back to the office is critical. Eric has 12 prepared speeches which can be customized and delivered to your audience. Each speech includes an hour of consultation to ensure the right elements are delivered to maximize attendee value. Please contact speaking@ericriz.com for the full catalog. 

The Future of Hiring

Technology is changing the way organizations hire; the better the technology, the stronger the expectations are that the candidate will succeed in our organizations. Today, artificial intelligence has helped reduce the time spent throughout the hiring lifecycle, but research has found that organizations are ill-prepared to integrate AI solutions within their companies. In this inspirational session, Eric walks through this complex topic explaining how companies can leverage AI to hire their best possible candidates.

Risks and Opportunities in Future Data

Predicting the future has never been more challenging – not because of the lack of data but because of the flood of ungoverned and risk laden information.

Microsoft states that 2.75 exabytes of data are created every day. Expectations and reliance on data are being pushed to the limits, as demands around hybrid options continue to grow.

Governance and Risk are the buzz words for tomorrow’s organizations, but what do they mean?

Each of you is in a powerful demanding position of great responsibility. What are the implications of the enormous acceleration of data that compounds each minute? In this 60 minute speech, Eric walks through this complex data conversation, empowering you to mitigate risks and make the most of the opportunities. You’ll be inspired, energized and informed by this speech.

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