Speaking Topics

Eric has spoken at more than 200 events around the world, with audiences varying in size from thousands to highly-targeted smaller groups benefiting from his cutting edge tech wisdom and insights.

A confounding topic, Eric breaks down this complex hotbed of discussion into understandable and manageable conversation for the largest of organizations.

  • Building your AI Arsenal
  • AI for the Enterprise
  • Garbage in, Garbage Out – Can AI Help us Avoid Bad Hires?

Don’t be left behind as the wold embraces Machine Learning at an alarming pace.

  • Machine Learning and Me
  • The Future of HR – ML and AI for your HR organization

A 6-time Microsoft MVP, Eric has presented Microsoft topics around at the world at conferences and events.  Some of his topics include:

  • Building your SharePoint Strategy
  • 10 Steps to Microsoft 365 Adoption
  • Making SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Strategic
  • Best Practices to Microsoft Teams Deployments
  • The SharePoint Journey and Your Organization

Business today is run on data. Corporations must incorporate an awareness of their data and the risks associated with it in order to perform.

  • Risks and Opportunities in Future Data
  • Managing the Data Explosion
  • Am I at Risk?

The proliferation of false information and data has forced Human Resource departments to analyze each aspect of their hiring process. Understanding the data available to these companies is critical to align expectations with the new hiring reality.

  • The Data Divide
  • Who Can I Trust
  • References not Required
  • Garbage in, Garbage Out – Can AI Help us Avoid Bad Hires?