Redefining the Connected Conversation

Collaboration. Connection. Data. Transparency. Each of these words sparks conversation inside organizations world-wide with respect to expectations and demand for information. Understanding these words and how they specifically apply to your company can mean the difference between success and failure. These facts come together as contentious points in the eyes of many Information Worker and thus became the catalyst towards Eric’s latest keynote entitled The Connected Conversation.

The connected conversation is a theory that takes us away from our dependencies (including mobile devices and email) and forces us to sit down and meet with others to have meaningful conversations where facts matter and results happen.  Today, we are too quick to rely on connected technologies to communicate and as a society have lost that human touch.  We tap out messages on a whim without thought towards consequence; we interrupt conversations to respond via text and worse, we ignore human beings in front of us to send a message to someone else.  We’re out of touch, and the matter is only getting worse.

In order to right this wrong, organizations have to take a step back and re-purpose what the connected conversation means.  In this Keynote, Eric takes audiences through the newly Connected Conversation in order to set meaningful goals, rules and policies to structure communication once again.

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